• Variation & Yield Analysis

Variation-Aware Design

Process variability at advanced technology nodes has become a key challenge for IC designers. A new generation of tools are required that provide efficient and reliable solutions for analog, RF, standard cells, IO and memory designers beyond traditional Monte Carlo analysis. A comprehensive suite of new tools that allow the designer to accurately address statistical process variations and to make the right design decision upfront is needed. The VarMan tool suite ensures that designers do not need to be expert statisticians to understand and optimize the impact of process variations on their design.

Relying on advanced machine learning approaches, VarMan’s breakthrough technology delivers up to 30X simulation performance compared to traditional Monte Carlo simulation, while preserving accuracy and precision. For designs with high-? requirements, VarMan makes precision-driven analysis easily achievable for design teams. Designed to simplify the setup of characterization projects, VarMan requires little effort from designers to setup and run. Our full-chip XMA memory yield analysis uses VarMan’s innovative fast Monte Carlo and robust high-sigma kernels for a fast fail detection and yield estimation of an entire memory.

Variation & Yield Analysis Resources

Standard Cell Statistical Characterization with VarMan




Frédéric Masson
 This is the solution we were impatiently awaiting. Simulating a whole memory and analyzing accurately and quickly its yield has been a lastingly longed-for feature. 
Emmanuel Sabonnadiere
 Setting up advanced methods is essential with emerging technologies developed by CEA-Leti and the increase of memories’ needs. If a new method allows characterizing memory designs more quickly at a given condition of use, the entire characterization process that covers all conditions is accelerated