Power Devices SPICE Modeling for Si, GaN and SiC Technologies

February 08, 2024 We will analyze various approaches to the SPICE modeling of Power devices, including compact models and macromodels.

Learn About Advanced TFT-Based Flat Panel Design with SmartSpice

March 23, 2023 In this webinar, we will present the benefits of adopting SmartSpice’s unique 4-terminal TFT compact model, and we describe how SmartSpice Flex Modeling technology can be used to simulate image retention issues.

Learn About the Latest Advances in Device Modeling Using Silvaco Utmost IV

January 26, 2023 In this webinar, we will introduce the Corner and Retargeting Module, the most recent addition to our modeling software platform, and review some of the newest models and technologies where Silvaco’s Utmost IV is a key contributor.