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Hints, Tips, and Solutions June 2000

Q: To simplify netlist extraction, I specify one kind of diffusion resistors in my layout by means of a special resistor definition layer. To my surprise, the extracted value for one such resistor always exactly twice the value I expected, no matter how I stretch this resistor.

Parametric-Cells Implementation in Expert

A parameterized cell (P-Cell) is a cell with user-specified parameters. It is possible to create customized p-cell instances with different composition according to parameter values. Using P-Cells gives a considerable memory reduction in the case of multiple instancing of a cell.

Dragon DRC: Performance Improvement Techniques

Dragon DRC is a new advanced hierarchical DRC system. The design principles this system is based on are carefully selected to ensure that Dragon DRC will deliver maximum performance in different execution environments. Designed as a highly adaptive and truly hierarchical DRC system, Dragon is able to execute DRC scripts much faster than any flat DRC system in most real-life cases.

Maverick and Guardian - Enhancements

The latest release of Layout versus Schematic tools from CELEBRITY CAD suite (Maverick full-chip parametric netlist extractor and Guardian hierarchical netlist comparator) delivers a number of significant advances. The engines of both tools were tuned up to achieve essential reduction of running time while processing huge designs.

Design Version Control System for Expert

The DVCS subsystem of CELEBRITY CAD suite provides significant improvement in management of complex designs, design reuse and teamwork management. The most important features of DVCS are the means for version tracking and team design coordination.

Hints, Tips, and Solutions February 2000

Q. When I simulate my process flow the simulated profile is always lower than the SRP measurements. What could be causing this? A. In many simulated process flows the surface oxide is etched completely off after which there may be some diffusion cycles.
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