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SmartView Waveform Analyzer

SmartView is Silvaco’s graphical environment for performing real-time and post-simulation waveform viewing and data analysis of analog, RF, digital and mixed-signal circuits. User configurable preference controls, an intuitive GUI and a library of advanced measurement makes SmartView an easy to use and productive simulation analysis environment. It has robust capabilities for digital and analog time- and frequency- domain waveform and data post-processing analysis, all within a single environment. SmartView handles large GB+ size simulation files with ease using an advanced memory management system.

SmartView provides flexible and powerful handling of data, supporting hierarchical or flat vector arrangements, pre-filtering of data to streamline results and the ability to compare simulation data from multiple simulation runs concurrently. For analog/mixed signal simulation, SmartView’s advanced data display and analysis modes include FFT analysis, histograms, constellation diagrams, jitter analysis, Y&Z Smith charts and contains a vector calculator with built-in SPICE macros and functions with capability for user-defined functions to be added. Users can work interactively, sending commands directly from the UI to the javaScript interpreter, or create powerful scripts for batch manipulation of data and analysis.


  • Graphical user interface: Customizable toolbar, Drag & drop capability, Hierarchical data browse
  • Multiple chart types: Cartesian, Histogram, polar, Smith, digital
  • Multiple chart layouts: Stack mode (common X-axis), Horizontal & vertical, tile, palette
  • Makers/probes: AB, data, triangle, cross section & X maker, probe, slope
  • Single measurement utility: Average, Derivative, RMS, min/max
  • Post process: FFT utility, Eye diagram, ADC utility, Compute bus utility
  • Composite measurements: Average period, Cross point, Delay, Find at crossing, Find at Y, Overshoot, Period, Rise time


  • Easy and intuitive GUI
  • Proved a seamless and high speed data communication between tools
  • Various annotation capabilities, export of chart image, ASCII saving
  • View histories of concurrent simulations on one plot

Supports Industry Standard Data Formats:

  • SmartSpice (.raw)
  • HSPICE® (.tr, .ac, .sw)
  • Spectre® (PSF Binary & ASCII)
  • FSDB (version 4, 5)
  • Touchstone (S-parameter)
  • Silos (.rawd)
  • Standard digital VCD format
  • Liberty format

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Cameron Fisher
 MSC has found SmartSpice™ to be an excellent value in terms of easy integration, debug run time and total cost of simulation. Support during our learning curve has been great. MSC will be using SmartSpice™ for all future memory complier development. 
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