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How can I Crop and Slice in the Victory Process 3D Exports?

This document is a short guide on the new and existing support for export cropping/slicing in Victory Process cell mode. The cropping operation is useful to extract a segment of the cell mode structure for further simulation. For example, a smaller subsection of a structure can be extracted, or a polygon mask crop can be used to extract a non-axis aligned segment. This allows an exported structure to be non-cuboid.

The slicing operation is similar to cropping, yet both the structure inside the sliced section, and outside is retained. After the slice is complete, the regions now outside the sliced region are relabeled with unique region numbers to those inside. This operation is useful to partition an exported structure into multiple regions, allowing easy visualization of the inside of the structure in Tonployt3d. It is also useful to set different properties for different regions, while maintaining the same materials, within a device simulation.