2020 TCAD Baseline Release Section 3: Device Simulation – New Features in 2020 Baseline Release

3.1 Organic Models
3.2 Dynamic Model of Incomplete Ionization
3.3 Surface Orientation Dependent Parameters
3.4 Multi-Quantum Well Simulation
3.5 Simulation of Waveguide Modes
3.6 ReRAMs

3.1 Organic Models

Some models have been added to improve the simulation of organic devices.

  • 2D Langevin recombination models from Juska and Nenashev that model Langevin recombination in lamella materials.
  • Optical emission from all host/guest singlet/triplet excitons.
  • Exciton thermionic emission across a heterojunction. Different parameters can be set for different excitons.

3.2 Dynamic Model of Incomplete Ionization

The ionized concentration of shallow donors and acceptors, under steady state conditions, are given by the formula