Multiple parasitic extraction models, including lumped RC, C only, R only, coupled C and fully distributed RC

Hipex and its Competitors
Synopsys StarRC, Cadence Assura & QRC, Mentor Graphics XRC, Magma QuartzRC

Hipex performs rapid 2.5D rule-based full-chip hierarchical RC parasitic resistance & capacitance extraction of arbitrary Very-Deep-Sub-Micron (VDSM) layouts. Hipex can be used in place of StarRC, Assura ,QRC, Calibre-XRC, QuartzRC and provides the following key features:

  • Seamless integration with the Expert Layout Editor and Guardian DRC / LVS for complete design/verification flow
  • Built-in, state-of-the-art lumped or distributed parasitic R-only, C-only & RC extraction including coupling effects together with advanced RLC network reduction assures accurate and compact back-annotated SPICE, DSPF and SPEF netlists at either transistor or gate levels
  • Supports either full-chip or select critical path net extraction enabling accurate post-layout SPICE simulation and Static Timing Analysis (STA).
  • Powerful and fully customizable Lisa and JavaScript programming plus advanced metal fill handling accelerate and adapt hierarchical processing and automatically check and address any layout style irregularities at run-time
  • Support in PDKs for multiple foundry processes (TSMC, UMC, Jazz/TOWER, X-Fab, Austriamicrosystems (AMS), AMI, MOSIS and many others)

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