Silvaco’s FastSPICE Simulator Selected by Kodenshi for Sensor Device Design

Yokohama, Japan – December 4, 2018

Silvaco Japan Co., Ltd. (Silvaco) announced that Kodenshi Corporation (Kodenshi) has selected Silvaco’s FastSPICE simulator SmartSpice Pro™ for design of its sensor devices.

For the almost half a century since the company was founded, Kodenshi has been engaged in the design and development of custom products meeting customer needs and original product development with a high degree of added value, providing consistency from IC chip development through production and throughout the development, manufacture and sales of sensor modules. Recently, in order to develop products with an even greater added value, sophisticated design technology is demanded even for sensor device IC development. Thus, at its IC development group, Kodenshi was looking for fast, highly precise SPICE simulation which can support even larger scale integrated circuits than up to now, in order to implement 100% verification without extending the development time period.

Silvaco’s SmartSpice Pro incorporates Silvaco’s unique FastSPICE algorithm, enabling a fast simulation that maintains SPICE precision. SmartSpice Pro also incorporates technology from the netlist reduction tool Jivaro, and achieves fast, precise simulations for large-scale post layout simulations including parasitic RC elements

Kodenshi made the decision to use SmartSpice Pro after confirming the superiority of the product through various evaluations with its sensor IC designs.

Kodenshi’s IC Design Division Senior Manager, Hiroyuki Fukui, stated, “We decided to use SmartSpice Pro in order to be able to release high functionality, high value-added optical sensors in a short period of time. As a result, we have been able to further improve both design efficiency and design quality. In the face of a society undergoing major changes, there is a demand for new optical sensor proposals. We are excited about accelerating development aimed at that.”

Silvaco’s General Manager Naoto Kameda stated, “We are extremely pleased that Silvaco’s FastSPICE simulator SmartSpice Pro has been newly selected by Kodenshi, a company taking pride in a strong track record and leading technology for photo-ICs, optical semiconductor elements and sensor composite components. Looking forward, Silvaco is committed to make this partnership a great success for both parties.”

About Silvaco Japan Co., Ltd.

Silvaco Japan was first established as a Japanese branch of Silvaco, Inc. in 1989 and incorporated as a Japanese corporation in 1995. Silvaco Japan’s corporate mission is to be the leading provider of TCAD, EDA software and IP products in the Japanese market. To achieve and maintain its leadership objective, Silvaco Japan is focused on building and growing a strong sales, product support and R&D work force. Silvaco Japan is headquartered at the Landmark Tower in Yokohama, and maintains an additional office in Kyoto.

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