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TechModeler Verilog-A Blackbox Device Modeling

Today engineers who develop organic transistors, OLED, solar cells or other new devices face a new challenge. Unlike the silicon based technology, where engineers use existing, standarized SPICE compact models to fit the behaviour of their transistors, no physical model is able to fit the behaviour of these new devices. Developing physical models is very complex and time consuming. TechModeler adresses this issue through an innovative compact modeling approach. TechModeler modeling solution brings this missing piece and fills the lack of physical models thanks to its unique compact modeling technology.

Features and Benefits:

  • Fully automated model generation from measurements in just minutes and gives drastic reduction in modeling cost and time-to-market,
  • Incrementally optimized database and modeling with, global data exploration, complete space coverage, and unique advanced models validation
  • Produces black-box Verilog-A functional model  supported by SmartSpice and other industry simulators
  • Models are encrypted to ensure IP protection

TechModeler is used for creating SPICE transistor models that will allow the designer to run simulations, and to design circuits. Intuitive and easy to use, it drastically shortens the time-to-market and development costs of new technologies such as printed electronics.

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