Inventing the Future of MicroLED: Silvaco TCAD

Silvaco did Executive Video Interviews at our booth in the middle of the show floor at Display Week 2019 in San Jose. We interviewed industry experts on what they expected for the Display industry in 2019 and what technical challenges that needed to be met. One video interview really stood out for me. Eddy Hsu, Director, Display Systems at Lumiode related how they were creating the future use Silvaco TCAD tools and had brought Lumiode to where it is today.

Graham Bell: Hi, this is Graham Bell with Silvaco. We’re at Display Week 2019 in San Jose. I’m speaking with Eddy Hsu, Director of Display Systems at Lumiode. Hi, Eddy.

Eddy Hsu: Hi, Graham.

GB: We just talked to Vincent and he gave the perspective on what to expect in 2019. Can you tell us a little bit more about the specific challenges that Lumiode is addressing with MicroLED technologies?

EH: Sure. So Lumiode is addressing something specific, unique. We’re trying to combine semiconductor technology with display technology. So there’s actually no tool available for us to do this analysis or experiments. Three years ago, we bumped into Silvaco software and this really enables us to understand how our device is really working ’cause [for an] engineering guy, “I need estimation. I need precision. I need a real good… Better than guestimation.” So only Silvaco tool so far help us to go from the TCAD connecting to SPICE on these new circuits. And that’s how almost I can say it brings us to here we are… What we are right now.

GB: So the question that comes to mind is, is Lumiode looking for the right recipe? Or do they also have to deal with specific manufacturing issues for producing MicroLEDs?

EH: It’s both. Our process is so unique in a sense that you think it’s really easy, but it’s actually bringing the two different recipes together. We see two different recipes if we want to combine them. So same thing to manufacture, we see some kind of semiconductor manufacture, we know there is display manufacture, but how do we combine them is the biggest problem right now. I can’t say it’s a problem, it’s a challenge which my CEO always teaches me. [chuckle]

GB: Eddy, thanks for sharing with us the trends that are going on in the MicroLED industry.

EH: Thank you so much.