Hints, Tips and Solutions

Q: Using TonyPlot, can I achieve publication quality plots?

A: Yes, TonyPlot has many various display and preference settings that users can adjust, transforming their simulation data into a high quality plot for use in publications.

Example: SiC Example #10 – SiC MOSFET Breakdown Simulations

Silvaco includes examples with every software package. One example, sicex10, simulates the effect of both layout and trench geometries on breakdown voltage for a 3D SiC MOSFET. In short, it is found that a rounded layout corner as well as a sloped trench sidewall increases the MOSFET breakdown voltage. The resulting output, plotted in TonyPlot, is shown in Figure 1.

While this plot is perfectly acceptable for display and analysis of simulation results, a user may want to convert the plot for use in a publication submission. TonyPlot has numerous options that can be modified to increase plot clarity, meeting any given journal’s publication standards.

By performing the simple steps detailed in this tip, Figure 2 is obtained. In this example a black and white figure format is chosen, as this is often the preferred format of many peer-reviewed journals and transactions. However, these 15 modifications are just a few examples of the numerous options available in TonyPlot. For more details, consult the TonyPlot Manual, or contact your local Silvaco sales and support office for more information.