HiSIM V1.2 Model Parameter Extraction with UTMOST-III


HiSIM (Hiroshima university STARC IGFET Model) is one of the surface potential based Spice models [1], [2] and pioneered the iterative approach to obtain the surface potential applicable in compact models. The model aims for MOSFET technology of 100 nm or below. The parameter extraction procedure was introduced first by the model developers: Semiconductor Technology Academic Research Center (STARC) [3], [4]. Silvaco UTMOST-III introduced the first version of the local optimization strategies for HiSIM-1.1 in 2002 [5]. Since then, the parameter extraction methodology has been reviewed thoroughly. This article is meant to provide significant aspects on the HiSIM version 1.2 parameter extraction for UTMOST-III users.

Since the surface potential is obtained by solving Poisson equation, and the geometric effects are directly related to the electric field calculated from the potential, establishing the HiSIM model parameter extraction methodology forces traditional SPICE modeling engineers to refresh their understanding of device physics. Moreover, making the HiSIM model to be scalable over the wide geometric region challenges the experienced manner of this tradition. In this paper, each step of the developed HiSIM model parameter extraction is discussed from the model derivation point. The model parameters are symbolized with the capital, bold and italic letters. Also, the HiSIM-1.2 equations and the numbers used herein are based on HiSIM1.2.0 user’s manual [3]. The detailed UTMOST-III local optimization strategies with the practical application results will be covered in a future edition of simulation standard issued by Silvaco International.