Q: What is typical measurement set-up for the S3245A Noise Amplifier and what measurement equipment is used?

A: Typical Measurement Set-Up

The connection diagram for atypical measurement set-up is presented in Figure 1. Along with a diagram the user should observe the following measurement guidelines:

  • The coax cables used for noise measurement should be kept away from potential noise sources such as computer monitors or instrument displays.
  • Connect all instrument power cables and the S3245A power cable to the same power outlet. This will prevent the ground loops.
  • Always measure the DC characteristics of the DUT before starting the noise measurements. Note the current level for the bias conditions you want to apply during noise measurements.
  • When connecting the DUT to the S3245A, first turn on the power of S3245A then connect the device in the sequence of source, bulk, drain and gate.
  • Disconnect the DUT in the sequence of gate, drain, bulk and source and then turn off the power of S3245A.
  • Do not disturb the setup during the noise measurements.