Can Atlas be used to simulate advanced III-V or II-VI materials?

Q. Can Atlas be used to simulate advanced III-V or II-VI materials ?

A. Yes. ATLAS now supports a wide range of materials in its database. This database covers single elememt conductors, binary compounds and quaternary compounds. A complete list of all materials can be found in Appendix B of the ATLAS Users Manual Vol. II.

It should be noted however, that many of these materials are quite recent and do not have a comprehensive set of physical parameters or physical models yet available. ATLAS can still be used to simulate these devices but requires three contributions from the user.

First, the user should ensure that a complete set of physical parameters are available. To illustrate this the material InAlAs will be invoked within an input deck. To check the required physical parameters are available before a simulation is started the following command should be written within the input deck