Silvaco’s Dr. Firas Mohamed Elected to Co-chair of Si2 Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Special Interest Group

SANTA CLARA, Calif., February 25, 2022

Firas MohamedDr. Firas Mohamed Vice President of Advanced R&D and General Manager of Silvaco France has been elected as co-chair of Si2 Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Special Interest Group. Si2 is a leading R&D joint venture that provides standard interoperability solutions for IC design tools.

The Semiconductor industry is massively investing in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help improve overall performance, yield, power consumption and other key metrics. Si2 Special interest Group (SIG) is identifying and enabling best practices in AI/ML strategies for EDA.

“Silvaco has been investing and developing novel AI/ML technologies to improve tools performance in TCAD, Modeling and Circuit simulation for the past 20 years,” said Firas Mohamed. “I’m excited to be co-chairing this effort at Si2 to help the EDA tools providers collaborate with the semiconductor industry to establish best practices and identify standards that can help move the technology forward.”

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