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최신 소프트웨어 베이스라인 정보

아래의 출시 정보는 최신 소프트웨어 베이스라인에 포함된 제품에 대한 변경 사항과 새로운 기능을 포함합니다.

아날로그/믹스드 시그널 시뮬레이션 및 SPICE 소자 모델링

GatewayHierarchical schematic editor4.2207.0.R
SmartSpiceParallel SPICE simulator5.2.0.R
SmartSpice ProFast Circuit Simulator5.2.0.R
SmartSpice RFFrequency and Time Domain RF Circuit Simulator5.2.0.R
SmartViewWaveform viewer and simulation analysis2.2207.0.R
Utmost IVDevice characterization and SPICE modeling2.18.0.R
TechModelerDevice modeling for new technologies using only device behavior2018.1.0.R
SpaynStatistical parameter and yield analysis tool for models and tests2.14.0.R
VarManVariation-aware design solution2021.2.1.R

커스텀 IC CAD

ExpertHierarchical IC layout editor5.2207.0.R
Guardian LVSPhysical verification of LVS4.2207.0.R
Guardian DRCPhysical verification of DRC5.2207.0.R
Guardian NetPhysical verification of layout networks with LVS5.2207.0.R
SmartDRC/LVSPhysical verification DRC/LVS1.2207.0.R
HipexFull-chip parasitic extraction3.8.8.R

디지털 CAD

SilosVerilog simulator4.16.17.R
HyperFaultVerilog IEEE-1364-2001 compliant fault simulator4.16.17.R
AccuCellCell characterization and modeling3.0.12.R
AccuCoreBlock characterization, modeling and STA3.0.7.R
SpiderNetlist-to-GDSII place-and-route design flow1.8.3.R

기생성분 추출

CleverRC extractor for realistic 3D structures3.11.26.R

추출 넷리스트 분석 및 감축

JivaroRCLK parasitic reduction for post-layout netlist2022.1.38.R
VisoParasitic analyzer2022.2.11.R
BelledonneLayout comparator2022.2.11.R
BrennerLayout comparator and debugger2022.2.11.R


Victory AtomisticAtomistic simulator1.6.0.R
Victory Process3D process and stress simulator7.76.1.R
Victory Device3D device simulator1.20.1.R
Victory MeshMesh integration between process and device or interconnect tools1.9.0.R
Athena1D and 2D process and stress simulator5.22.3.R
AtlasDevice simulation of material-based devices5.34.0.R
Virtual Wafer FabPerform Design of Experiments (DOE) and optimization experiments2.12.25.R
DeckBuildCreate, edit and run TCAD simulation input files5.2.17.R
DevEditCeates and edit mesh structures for 2D or 3D simulators2.8.26.R
MaskViewsLayout editor for GDS2 or Silvaco’s layout format3.2.28.R
TonyPlotVisualization tool for 1D and 2D TCAD structures3.10.28.R
TonyPlot 3DVisualization tool for 3D data from TCAD and parasitic extraction3.10.69.R
Victory VisualVisualization tool for 1D, 2D and 3D TCAD structures1.0.8.R

Foundation IP

ViolaLibrary Characterization2022_07-QR01