Free 350 pg. Book on SoC Design and Secure Autonomous Driving Webinar

Secure Autonomous Driving Webinar

Silvaco has an upcoming webinar IP Solutions for Secure Autonomous Driving on Dec. 3, 10am – 11am (PST) .

The webinar will present the risks and necessary countermeasures for securing cyber-physical vehicle systems. Manufacturers are pressured by customer demands and market competition to rapidly integrate the latest features into their vehicles, including Infotainment, 5G network connectivity, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), and autonomous driving. Increased vehicle-to-everything (V2X) connectivity exposes access to critical vehicle networks. ADAS and autonomous driving features yield physical control of a vehicle to software subsystems. These enhanced vehicles demand security hardening to guarantee the safety of pedestrians and motorists

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Security challenges of cyber-physical systems
    • Connected vehicle attack surface
    • Physical isolation of critical vehicle networks
    • Secure vehicle software upgrades
  • Modern Security Practice
    • Secure hardware implementations
    • Side channel attack countermeasures
    • Hardware identification for authentication
    • Secure cryptographic key management
  • Silvaco SIPware Security IP Solutions
    • Security Systems
      • Security processor, cryptography, hashing, and secure key management
      • True random number generator
      • Physically unclonable function
    • Modules
      • Runtime integrity checker (intrusion detection)
      • ECDSA-based secure JTAG with eFuse lifecycle management
      • DRAM protection
    • Cipher Engines
      • Secure AES
      • Public key engine accelerator

To register and view this upcoming webinar, visit IP Solutions for Secure Autonomous Driving. After the webinar, an archive recording is available for viewing.

SoC Chip Design Reference Book

The reference book System-on-Chip Design with Arm Cortex-M from Arm Education Media explains how SoCs based on the Arm Cortex-M processor portfolio of cores are designed, detail the different elements that compose such a system, explain the different design issues, describe the integration into systems, and discuss how these SoCs are programmed. All in 350 pages.

The book’s author, Jack Yiu, is a distinguished engineer in the Arm IoT/Embedded processors product marketing team who has worked at Arm since 2001 and has published other reference guides on Cortex-M processors. There is also a package of example codes and projects for the reference book.

To download the 350 page reference book System-on-Chip Design with Arm Cortex-M from Arm Education Media, click here. To download the package of example codes and projects for the above Reference Book, click here.

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