• Silvaco UseRs Global Events (SURGE)


October 20, 2020


November 4, 2020


November 10, 2020


November 13, 2020

Silvaco UseRs Global Events (SURGE) bring together users, developers, and industry experts of the EDA, IP, and TCAD communities to understand new semiconductor technologies, innovative applications, and techniques for realizing advanced designs.


A variety of presentations will cover IP deployment, semiconductor device simulation, and circuit verification. Roadmaps and exciting technology updates will also be included. Discover how Silvaco solutions are used to realize silicon success in consumer, datacenter, automotive, and IoT markets.

Keynote Speakers and Panelists

Hear from industry leaders and visionaries who influence the global electronics marketplace. They will discuss trends in systems, silicon, and applications and share their thoughts on the nanometer challenges and opportunities that face us today.

Virtual Event

For the first time, SURGE will be held virtually. From your home or office, you will be to interact with presenters after their scheduled presentations to learn more about our technologies and solutions.