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</p> <h3>Dinesh Bettadapur</h3> <p>
</p> <h3>Man-Gyu Hwang</h3> <p>
</p> <h3>Naoto Kameda</h3> <p>
</p> <h3>Chiping Tu</h3> <p>

Dinesh Bettadapur


Naoto Kameda

Chiping Tu

미주, 유럽 영업 부사장
아시아 영업 부사장, 한국 법인 사장
영업 부사장, 일본 법인 사장
대만 법인 사장
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</p> <h3>Zhao Qingda</h3> <p>
</p> <h3>Dr. Firas Mohamed</h3> <p>

Zhao Qingda

Firas Mohamed 박사

싱가포르 법인 관리 이사
Adv. R&D 부사장, 프랑스 법인 사장
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ManGyu Hwang

VP Sales, Asia & GM Korea

Man-Gyu Hwang has over 25 years of experience in sales and marketing roles in the semiconductor, EDA and TCAD industry. He has served as president of Silvaco Korea Co., Ltd. since 1994.

With his experience, and under his leadership, Silvaco Korea has become number one provider of flat panel display software solution in Korea, as well as other novel semiconductor technologies. He holds a B.S. and Master of Business Administration from University of Hanyang.

Naoto Kameda

General Manager, Japan

Naoto Kameda joined Silvaco in 2006 and ever since he has been responsible for many important sales activities in TCAD/EDA software with clients such as major electric companies, foundry manufacturers, etc.

Kameda is responsible for Silvaco Japan’s entire Sales Team. He has assumed the position of Director and General Manager in 2017. Kameda holds a B.A. in business administration from Kanto Gakuin University.

Zhao Qingda

Managing Director of Silvaco Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Zhao Qingda is the Managing Director of Silvaco Singapore office. He joined Silvaco in May, 2005. Currently he is in charge of Silvaco Singapore management and sales of Silvaco products in Singapore, Australia, South East Asia.

Zhao Qingda holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Chiping Tu

General Manager Taiwan office

Chiping Tu is the General Manager of Silvaco Taiwan office. Since joining Silvaco in 2008, he has been in charge of sales for all Silvaco products in Taiwan and responsible of Silvaco Taiwan team management.

Chiping Tu holds a M.S in Electrical & Computer Engineering from University of Texas at Austin and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from National Taiwan University.

Dr. Firas Mohamed

VP Adv. R&D & GM, France

Dr. Firas Mohamed is Vice President of Advanced R&D and General Manager of Silvaco France. Firas has over twenty three years experience in the EDA industry. The beginning was by developing a complete model-based test & diagnosis system for analog and mixed-signal circuits during his PhD years. A major step of his career was in 2005 where he was Prizewinner of the French National Competition rewarding innovative technologies, which led him to the creation of Infiniscale S.A. He served as President & CEO until its acquisition by Silvaco in 2015. Firas started his professional career at Mentor Graphics with the SPICE  simulation team, where he was in charge of the modeling and optimization environments. In 2000, Firas took over the CAD technology development department of MEMSCAP S.A.

Firas holds a computer science engineer degree from HIAST, the Higher Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology of Damascus and a PhD in Microelectronics from INPG, the National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble in France.