• AI-Driven Fab Technology Co-Optimization (FTCO™)

AI-Driven Fab Technology Co-Optimization

We have combined our expertise in semiconductor technologies with machine learning and data analysis to develop an artificial intelligence-based solution named Fab Technology Co-Optimization, or FTCO™, for wafer-level fabrication facilities. FTCO uses manufacturing data to perform statistical and physics-based machine learning software simulations to create a computer model or “digital twin” of a wafer that can be used to simulate the fabrication process. As a virtual representation of the manufacturing process and the wafer, this “digital twin” serves as a platform through which customers can run experiments and tests to understand the impact on the yield of a wafer due to variations in the parameters of the manufacturing process, predict the yield for further research on new products, and reduce the time to market for products, all without the need to run physical wafers, which can be time-consuming and expensive. We have partnered with Micron Technology, Inc. for the development of these modeling tools.

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AI-Driven FTCO Platform Flow Diagram

FTCO Flow Diagram

Micron Technology Video

Micron Technology Video

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