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TCAD Calibration Engineer

Location: Shanghai / Chengdu / Shenzhen, China


Silvaco is a leading EDA tools and semiconductor IP provider used for process and device development for advanced semiconductors, power IC, display and memory design. For over 30 years, Silvaco has enabled its customers to develop next generation semiconductor products in the shortest time with reduced cost. We are a technology company outpacing the EDA industry by delivering innovative smart silicon solutions to meet the world’s ever-growing demand for mobile intelligent computing. The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, California and has a global presence with offices located in North America, Europe, Japan and Asia.

Silvaco is a privately held company, committed to the highest ethical standards and world class performance.

Position Description and Responsibilities

As a member of the TCAD group, you will use, evaluate, improve and calibrate our TCAD tools focusing on physical models (Diffusion and Oxidation) and simulation methodologies. The successful candidate will be an experienced hands on TCAD engineer, also with experience in semiconductor Physics and familiar with simulation methodology being used in Foundries. As an integral member of a team of highly trained and experienced engineers, the successful candidate must also be able to meet the requirements below.

Responsibilities include:

Job A – Required Competences for Process Model Calibration:

  • Be able to find, read and understand scientific publications about doping diffusion models in silicon and silicon-germanium
  • Be able to understand what a diffusion model is
    • Understand why a diffusion model is a partial differential equation (PDE)
    • Understand the physical meaning behind the PDE
    • Understand why there a hierarchy of models
      • The main knowhow is, which additional effect can be simulated by adding additional terms and or equations.
        • Note: Additional term or equation means new model
        • E.g. TED effect, retardation of TED, modified transient characteristic of TED, cross-correlation between dopants, ..
    • Understand difference between electrically active and non-active dopants
  • Some basic understanding of process parameters
    • What is annealing temperature
    • What is temperature ramp in an annealing step
    • What does flash annealing mean for temperature profile
    • What does laser annealing mean for the temperature profile
  • Basic understanding of what ion implantation is
    • Doping is added
    • Crystal damage is added
      • Knowledge that there are several types of crystal damage
        • Amorphization, Defect clusters, Point Defects, …
  • Basic knowledge of crystal damage created by other processing steps
    • Thermal oxidation can induce crystal damage
  • Understanding the correlation between implantation and doping diffusion
    • Implantation provides initial conditions for doping diffusion
    • Crystal damage created by ion implantation has an impact on
  • Some basic knowledge about experimental techniques
    • What does SIMS measure
    • Why do electrical measurement (e.g. carrier concentration, mobility) produce different results than SIMS

Job B: Required Competences for Process Model Development

  • Same as A)
  • Some basic C-coding competences
    • Be able to read simple C-code
    • Be able to write simple C-code
  • Full understanding of the Silvaco Open Model Library
    • This is not a requirement to start
    • But there must the clear interest to study the model library

Desirable Qualifications

  • PhD in Semiconductor Physics, Engineering, or related field
  • Strong experience using TCAD tools in Foundry environment
  • Hands on in Process simulation
  • Strong knowledge in solid-state physics
  • Experience in numerical methods and techniques relevant to solve partial differential equations
  • Experience in physical principles and models for doping diffusion in semiconductor technology
  • C++ or equivalent object-oriented programming language will be a plus
  • Good presentation skills, communication skills and technical writing skills desired
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel

To apply send resume to linda.ning@silvaco.com