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ganfetex08.in : Enhancement-Mode N-Polar GaN MISFETs

Requires: Blaze
Minimum Versions: Atlas 5.32.0.R

This example demonstrates how to simulate an Enhancement-Mode N-Polar GaN MISFETs based on the following paper:

"Enhancement-Mode N -Polar GaN MISFETs With Self_Aligned Source/Drain Regrowth" Uttam Singisetti, et al., IEEE Electron De3vice Letters. Vol,32, NO. 2 feb 2011

There is a growing interest in high performance enhancement mode GaN channel devices because of single voltage operation and simpler circuit topologies. The advantages of the enhancement mode GaN FETs fabricated on N-polar GaN include reduced source/drain access resistance and wide bandgap barrier layers used for polarization-induced field allowing 2DEG depletion under the channel. Removal of the AlN layer from the access region recovers the 2DEG induced by the bottom AlN layer. Plots of the bang diagram under the gate and under the nitride sidewall reveal indeed 2DEG under the access region but not under the gate.

Since in this structure N-Polar GaN (instead of Ga-polar GaN) was used the parameter polar.scale was set to -1

Charge was also set at the interface between the nitride and AlN layer under the gate. To do so the model pch.ins was set for region=2 (i.e capping AlN layer)

The simulation of the transfert characteristic reveals a Vt of around 1V and a maximum Ids of around 0.7A/mm at Vgs=5V.

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