Poly Buffered LOCOS (PBL)

anoxex05.in : Poly Buffered LOCOS (PBL)

Requires: SSuprem 4
Minimum Versions: Athena 5.22.3.R

This example demonstrates the use of SSuprem 4 in modeling a Poly Buffer Locos (PBL) isolation structure.

The structure is formed by depositing layers to create a sandwich of silicon, oxide, polysilicon, and nitride. The nitride is patterned to expose the area that will be oxidized. At this point, TonyPlot is invoked to display the material structure prior to oxidation.

Next, the structure is oxidized in wet O2 for a time of 120 minutes at a temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius.

The oxidation completely consumes the polysilicon in the exposed portion of the simulation and lifts the remaining polysilicon and nitride.

The final structure is plotted in TonyPlot .

To load and run this example, select the Load button in DeckBuild > Examples. This will copy the input file and any support files to your current working directory. Select the Run button in DeckBuild to execute the example.