Fast product-space 2D Schrodinger solver : Fast product-space 2D Schrodinger solver

Requires: S-Pisces/Quantum
Minimum Versions: Atlas 5.28.1.R

This example demonstrates:

  • Using SP.FAST parameter to invoke a fast product-space 2D Schrodinger solver
  • Quantum confinement
  • Electron density in a FinFET channel

This example demonstrates a fast product-space 2D Schrodinger solver. The product-space solution is a linear combination of products of 1D solutions in X and Y directions. This approach is excellent for rectangular geometries, but can also tolerate moderate deviations from rectangle. In this example a 10 by 10 nm channel of a FinFET, n-type doped to the density of 1e20, is considered.

The solver is invoked by the SP.FAST parameter on the MODELS statement. Also, a user has to specify a geometry and dimensionality of Schrodinger solution by writing SP.GEOM=2DXY. OX.SCHRO and OX.MARGIN parameters which control the penetration of electrons into oxide. FIXED.FERMI parameter always sets Fermi level to zero. NUM.DIRECT=3 specifies that all three pairs of conduction band valleys will be taken into account. In the structure file, these values are denoted as "Longitudinal", "Transverse1", and "Transverse2", which corresponds to a value of effective mass in Y direction equal to ml=0.98, mt1=0.19 or mt2=0.19 respectively.

A comparison can be done to a full 2D solution by switching off the SP.FAST parameter.

To load and run this example, select the Load button in DeckBuild > Examples. This will copy the input file and any support files to your current working directory. Select the Run button in DeckBuild to execute the example.