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mos2ex21.in : 3D FinFET Simulation

Requires: Victory Process, Victory Mesh, Victory Device
Minimum Versions: Victory Process 7.58.2.R, Victory Mesh 1.8.2.R, Victory Device 1.18.0.R

By default Victory Process and Device run on just one processor. To ensure better perfomance on your computer the following simulation condition simflags="-P all" could be specidied in the go line starting Victory Process or Device. This means that all processors available will be used. If you want to use a smaller number of processors you can substitute "all" with a desired number, e.g. simflags="-P 4".

In this example, a FinFET is created using the etch, deposit, diffusion and Monte-Carlo implantation modules of Victory Process.

The structure created by Victory Process is then meshed in Victory Mesh using a full 3D Delaunay mesh and is then transferred to Victory Device for electrical analysis of the unsaturated Vt curves as well IdVd curves

The device simulation uses the energy balance model to account for the effects of ballistic carrier transport , which significantly increases drain currents and is the cause of the decrease in the output impedance of the IdVd curves.

It also uses the Bohm Quantum Potential (BQP) model to take into account quantum confinement of carriers in 3 dimension which significantly decreases the drain currents.

For comparison purpose Drift Diffusion are also included in the simulation

To load and run this example, select the Load button in DeckBuild > Examples. This will copy the input file and any support files to your current working directory. Select the Run button in DeckBuild to execute the example.

Input Files
Output Results
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