Statistical Fault Simulation

003_statistical : Statistical Fault Simulation

Minimum Required Versions: Hyperfault 4.12.1.C

Example 003_statistical is a drink vending machine implemented as a Verilog gate level design. Included in this example are the Gateway schematic for the circuit as well as the testbench and library files are "dm_lib.v" and "primitives.v".

We will use the Hyperfault GUI to run a statistical fault simulation by selecting a sample of the possible faults to run the fault simulation on. Using a sample of the possible faults will reduce the total faults tested during the fault simulation. A smaller fault set will run faster as the fault simulation run time is usually dependent on the size of the fault set, the depth of the test pattern and the complexity of the circuit.

Statistical Fault Simulation

  • Start Hyperfault (command: hyperflt -gui), open the project file "flt_test.spjx"
  • Open the Edit->Project Properties->Fault Simulation->Sampling dialog.
  • Observe that the sampling percentage for all four fault types has been set to 10%.
  • Close the dialog.
  • Click "Start Fault Sim" to run the fault simulation.
  • Observe the fault simulation output in the Output window . Note that the number of faults simulated is 10% of the fault set for the 100% fault simulation example.