Cell Partitioning Basics (The SUBCKT_* & PATTERN_* Commands)

006_core : Cell Partitioning Basics (The SUBCKT_* & PATTERN_* Commands)

Minimum Required Versions: AccuCore 2.4.9.R, SmartSpice 3.16.12.R

This example explains how to use AccuCores basic SUBCKT_BLACKBOX, SUBCKT_KEEP, PATTERN_BLACKBOX, PATTERN_KEEP commands to partially or completely override the automatic design cell partition processing.

The SUBCKT_BLACKBOX, SUBCKT_KEEP commands work on hierarchical input netlist instances. The PATTERN_BLACKBOX, PATTERN_KEEP commands work on flat input netlists that originated from either hierarchical designs OR contain circuits with similar design structure, but not necessarily identical circuit designs that can (or should) be at least partially processed in the same or a similar manner due to their equivalent logical behavior.