Spectre Netlist and Model Support

003_core : Spectre Netlist and Model Support

Minimum Required Versions: AccuCore 2.4.9.R, SmartSpice 3.16.12.R

This example explains how to use Spectre format netlists and models with AccuCore and its embedded SmartSpice engine.

In general Spectre format is supported by simply adding the following .cfg command IN_FILE_FORMAT spectre

The provided example illustrates that basic method and the supported syntax. The netlist file should contain ONLY netlist details plus the simulator land=spectre statement and any SPECTRE netlist comments. No other SPECTRE commands or definitions should exist in the netlist file. The model file should contain ONLY the model definition statements and any necessary parameter definitions. No other SPECTRE simulation commands or directives should exist in the model file. Minor edits to the files may be required so that they conform to the illustrated example file. Files models.scs and Core_EX3.scs show the supported syntax.

No other changes in the basic AccuCore use or external simulators are required for this support. As a result the unlimited embedded SmartSpice engine licensing that is included with AccuCore permits a highly cost effective option for SPICE characterization requirements when only Spectre models and or netlist files are available.