Incremental and Design Re-Use Methods

013_core : Incremental and Design Re-Use Methods

Minimum Required Versions: AccuCore 2.4.9.R, SmartSpice 3.16.12.R

This example explains how to use AccuCores cell matching feature to define various matching tolerance parameters and a characterization results caching mechanism to allow similar cells with close design and circuit properties to share prior-characterization timing results from earlier in the run or from a prior run. This feature is most useful for ECO related incremental characterization re-runs.

AccuCore will automatically identify the changed portions of the circuit and any affected neighboring cell in a shared path and automatically limit characterization to of the affected cells. The following .cfg commands affect this processing USE_MASTER_DB, LENGTH_TOL, WIDTH_TOL, AREA_TOL, PERI_TOL, CAP_TOL, CEFF_TOL, LOAD_TOL, RES_TOL, SLOPE_TOL