Process Design Kit

PDKs for Analog/Mixed-Signal/RF Design

Process Design Kit (PDK) is a collection of foundry-specific data files and script files used with EDA tools in a chip design flow. A PDK’s main components are models, symbols, technology files, parameterized cells (PCells), and rule files. With a PDK, designers can jump-start chip design and work through the design flow seamlessly, from schematic entry to tapeout.

Silvaco is committed to supporting PDKs for Silvaco EDA tools, providing a solution to users. Silvaco offers PDKs for most of fab processes of major foundry companies. Silvaco PDKs and EDA tools together make chip design easy, fast, and affordable.

Key Features:

  • Instantly productive environment for new design projects
  • Simple and efficient PDK file usage
  • Support for CMOS, Bipolar, BiCMOS, SOI, SiGe, TFT, CCD, and other processes
  • Download PDKs from Silvaco’s secure web site


PDK Data Flow



Silvaco PDK Leadership

  • Development and QA through full design flow
  • Dedicated PDK Developers (PDK specialist)
  • Close communication with fab and users
  • Uniform PDK file / folder format for all PDKs
  • Collaboration with EDA tool developers
  • No system setup required; just load files from EDA tools


Silvaco PDK in Complete Custom IC Design Platform


Schematic Design Using PDK

Gateway schematic design flow: Symbols, Models are included in  the PDK.


Layout Design Using PDK

Expert layout design flow: The PDK includes technology files, PCells, and rule files. 
PDK easily and smoothly enables schematic driven layout.


Foundry Partners

Foundry Partners Austriamicrosystems American Semiconductor EPSON XFAB VIS MOSIS Panasonic Analog Slice Service New Japan Radio Co. Ltd. Global Foundries On Semiconductor TowerJazz UMC TSMC

Because of their quality and ease of use, Silvaco PDKs are being adopted
worldwide by leading foundries and design houses.

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