Worldwide Success for Virtual Silvaco UseRs Global Events (SURGE)

In late October and early November 2020, Silvaco held its fourth annual series of UseRs Global Events (SURGE). Because of the current COVID conditions, the events were held virtually online. With attendees across all locations, there was a wide variety of presenters from semiconductor IC design and manufacturing companies, and industry partners at the conferences. Our guests actively shared industry trends and discussed innovative applications of semiconductor technology from atoms to systems.

Silvaco CEO/CTO Babak Taheri gave the first keynote address at each event. He provided an update on Silvaco products development and a perspective on major trends and challenges facing semiconductor businesses, including dealing with the COVID-19 crisis, what we have learned, and how the new situation affects the market. Different segments including Automotive, IoT, Memory, 5G Networks, and Security were covered.

In China, Japan, and Korea, some of the presentations were delivered in their respective local languages.

To see the video recordings of keynotes and presentations from the technical tracks go to the following links:

North America SURGE Videos,

China SURGE Videos

Japan SURGE Videos,

Korea SURGE Videos

“We are very pleased with our fourth annual users’ group event,” said Farhad Hayat, vice president, Global Marketing. “While meeting virtually is not ideal, our attendees’ interest in our presentations was excellent. Our annual update to our customers and partners about Silvaco’s leading solutions complements the excellent support from our sales and technical teams. We look forward to offering more SURGE events in the future.”