30 Years in Business

30th yearFor over 30 years since the company’s founding in 1984 by Dr. Ivan Pesic, semiconductor fabs and design houses from around the globe have relied on Silvaco’s expertise to help develop the “technology behind the chip”. Silvaco’s mission is to help our customers accelerate the pace of technological innovation and their time to market while reducing their costs in developing the next-generation chips. We strive to understand our customers’ challenges so as to tailor the innovative products, services and support they need to succeed in their technology development and productivity goals.

In June 2016, Silvaco added intellectual property (IP) to its portfolio with the acquisition of IPExtreme, Inc., a leader in the field of semiconductor IP commercialization and management.

In 2016, Silvaco entered into new market segment with acquisition of EdXact in France. The tools from EdXact are used for analysis, reduction and comparison of extracted netlists.

In December 2015, Silvaco extended its SPICE product portfolio to address advanced variation-aware design with acquisition of InfiniScale SA. The tool set now includes Variation Manager™ to enable variation-aware design analysis for Fast Monte Carlo, local mismatch, statistical corners, high sigma analysis and statistical verification of standard cell libraries.

The company also announced its entry into the power integrity sign-off market via the acquisition of Invarian, Inc. in 2015. InVar™ performs Power, EM/IR and Thermal analysis on analog, digital and mixed-signal IC designs.

In 2015, Silvaco announced entry of new CEO, David Dutton and executive management team with deep technical knowledge and diverse industry experience to drive the company toward its next phase of innovation and growth.

In October 2012, after an extensive battle, Dr. Pesic succumbed to cancer. Ownership of Silvaco remains in the Pesic family, with Dr. Pesic’s son, Iliya Pesic, as Executive Chairman of the Board. The company extended its alliances with the EDA and TCAD business communities and is a proactive member of such industry associations as Si2, SEMATECH, CMC, GSA. In recent year, Silvaco made connections with CDL/TUV, SOI Consortium and also become founding member of BDMC. Most recently, Silvaco has joined ESD Alliance.

In 2006 Silvaco began to offer foundry-specific PDKs to enable designers to streamline their design flows all the way to fabrication. This began with the TSMC 0.18um process and has since grown to over ninety PDKs for eighteen foundries, and the number of supported PDKs continues to grow.

In 2004, Silvaco entered the digital market, offering tools for cell and core library characterization, place and route, and Verilog simulation.

In 1997 Silvaco entered the analog IC CAD market with a suite of EDA tools for schematic capture, layout, and physical verification (DRC, LVS and LPE).

In 1987 Silvaco entered into the Technology Computer Aided Design (TCAD) market. By 1992 Silvaco became the dominant TCAD supplier with the Athena process simulator and Atlas device simulator.

In 1985 Silvaco entered the SPICE circuit simulation market with SmartSpice.

In 1984 the initial product, Utmost, quickly became the industry standard for parameter extraction, device characterization and modeling.

Since its founding, Silvaco has grown to become the largest privately held EDA company and continues to grow consistently on the strength of its excellent products, support and service. The company has been a shining example of the innovative valley culture and strives to continue this legacy.