Learn About Victory Visual, Silvaco’s New Graphical Visualization Solution for TCAD

September 22, 2022 In this webinar we will introduce Victory Visual, a new graphical post-processing tool for use with all Silvaco TCAD simulators and an integral part of the TCAD Victory interactive tools suite.

Learn How Victory Atomistic TCAD Solution Can Help You Succeed at Prototyping Atomistic Nanoscale Devices

September 8, 2022 In this webinar, we present how ultra-scaled  Field-Effect Transistor (FET) technology requires simulations at the atomic scale for designing the most advanced technological architectures at 5 nm node and below. We present in detail the Victory Atomistic solution for atomistic simulations.

Learn How to Efficiently Achieve Accurate Experimental Etch Profiles in FinFET and Memory Applications with Victory TCAD Solution

August 11, 2022 In this webinar, we present these geometric etch models in the context of FinFET and memory applications. We demonstrate techniques to realize fin shaping, non-ideal etch profiles (bowing, twisting), and self-aligned processes (multi-patterning).