Learn About Advanced TFT-Based Flat Panel Design with SmartSpice

March 23, 2023 In this webinar, we will present the benefits of adopting SmartSpice’s unique 4-terminal TFT compact model, and we describe how SmartSpice Flex Modeling technology can be used to simulate image retention issues.

Learn How TCAD is a Key Enabler for Photodiode Development

February 23, 2023 In this webinar, Sungwon Kong will discuss these technologies and how TCAD can be broadly applied to multiple detector topology and material sets, thereby enabling multiple end-user markets.

Learn How SilTerra Uses Cello and Viola for Standard Cells and I/O Library Optimization and Characterization

February 16, 2023 In this webinar, we will share the challenges of optimizing and validating different libraries, and demonstrate how Cello, Viola, and SmartSpice contribute in a unique and dynamic way to realize fast and accurate optimization and characterization.