Learn How STMicroelectronics Silicon Carbide (SiC) Research Team uses Silvaco TCAD to Analyze the Impact of Surface Defect Dot on Short Circuit Phenomena in SiC Devices

March 28, 2024 During SiC device switching operations, it is possible that devices could be reaching abnormal overload conditions, which is why some applications require “robustness” specifications (e.g., Short Circuit and UIS tests). In this webinar we will show how the impact of a short circuit of a defect localized in the active area has been investigated by means of TCAD simulations performed with Silvaco software.

GaN-based Power Devices Design and Development with Silvaco TCAD Solution

February 29, 2024 Physical-based simulation tools are essential for the development and insight to this new generation of wide bandgap electronic devices in FBH laboratories. In this webinar, we will give examples for the use of Silvaco TCAD simulation tools used to design, predict and analyze the electrical characterization of vertical and lateral GaN based power devices.

Learn How to Use Victory Process TCAD Geometric Etch Models in FinFET and Memory Applications

May 18, 2023 In this webinar, we present geometric etch models in the context of FinFET and memory applications. We demonstrate techniques to realize fin shaping, non-ideal etch profiles (bowing, twisting), and self-aligned processes (multi-patterning).

Learn How TCAD is a Key Enabler for Photodiode Development

February 23, 2023 In this webinar, Sungwon Kong will discuss these technologies and how TCAD can be broadly applied to multiple detector topology and material sets, thereby enabling multiple end-user markets.

Learn About Victory Visual, Silvaco’s New Graphical Visualization Solution for TCAD

September 22, 2022 In this webinar we will introduce Victory Visual, a new graphical post-processing tool for use with all Silvaco TCAD simulators and an integral part of the TCAD Victory interactive tools suite.