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Challenges and Solutions of Nanometer Library Characterization

Graham Bell sits down with Bernardo Culau, Director of Characterization, to discuss the challenges and Solutions of Nanometer Library Characterization. They also discuss the webinar on the same topic. You can catch the webinar at this link: Nanometer Library Characterization: Challenges and Solutions.

Chris Browy of Avery Design Sits Down to Discuss Why Silvaco and Avery are Working Together

Silvaco just announced an agreement with Avery Designs for the distribution of Avery’s verification IP (VIP) for the MIPI I3C sensor interface protocol, which is used in smartphones, IoT devices and camera systems; and its VIP for in-car network applications based on the CAN- FD / LIN / FlexRay protocols.

SPICE Model Generation by Machine Learning

by Thomas Blaesi

It was 1988 when I got into SPICE (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis) while I was characterizing a 1.5 μm Standard cell library developed by students at my Alma-Mata Furtwangen University in Germany. My professor Dr. Nielinger was not only my advisor he also wrote the first SPICE bible in German language. At that time SPICE simulation was already established as the “golden” Simulator for circuit design for over a decade - and remains so to this day.

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