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Optoelectronic Component Design for Photonic Integrated Circuits

Photonic integrated circuits (PICs) are a key enabling technology for a broad range of current and next-generation products. Combining semiconductor materials and manufacturing processes common to microelectronics with the encoding, transmission and detection of light, PICs are transforming communication in datacenters by bringing bandwidth closer to compute cores, and are accelerating emerging applications like LiDAR for autonomy and quantum computing for the future of information processing.

Learn How STMicroelectronics Silicon Carbide (SiC) Research Team uses Silvaco TCAD to Analyze the Impact of Surface Defect Dot on Short Circuit Phenomena in SiC Devices

March 28, 2024
During SiC device switching operations, it is possible that devices could be reaching abnormal overload conditions, which is why some applications require “robustness” specifications (e.g., Short Circuit and UIS tests). In this webinar we will show how the impact of a short circuit of a defect localized in the active area has been investigated by means of TCAD simulations performed with Silvaco software.

Advanced TCAD Modeling of HfO2-based ReRAM: Coupling Redox Reactions and Thermal Effects

This paper presents a TCAD modeling approach for HfO2-based ReRAM (Resistive Random Access Memory). For describing the switching and retention behaviors of a ReRAM cell, the proposed model includes the essential redox reactions coupled to an electron transport model and to heat generation. The effects of various parameters such as sweep time, and device geometry on the switching behavior are investigated. Simulation results demonstrate that thermal management is crucial both for the reliable operation of ReRAM cells and retention. The proposed TCAD model provides insight into the design and optimization of HfO2-based ReRAM devices.

GaN-based Power Devices Design and Development with Silvaco TCAD Solution

February 29, 2024
Physical-based simulation tools are essential for the development and insight to this new generation of wide bandgap electronic devices in FBH laboratories. In this webinar, we will give examples for the use of Silvaco TCAD simulation tools used to design, predict and analyze the electrical characterization of vertical and lateral GaN based power devices.

Numerical Algorithm to Perform Viscoelastic Analysis

Numerical Algorithm to Perform Viscoelastic Analysis

Viscous materials exhibit both viscous and elastic characteristics when undergoing deformation. The response of such materials to force is characterized by two distinct phases. The materials first deform instantaneously akin to elastic materials. Following on, the material continues to deform at a relatively slower time scale. Typically, materials undergoing thermal treatment exhibit viscoelastic properties.