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How do I create complex shapes with fixed cross sections in Victory Mesh?

Victory Mesh versions 1.7.2.C and later include two new commands that can be used for complex shape genera-tion. The path and follow commands can be used together to generate surface meshes of general shapes based on fixed cross sections.

PathThe path command connects a sequence of vertices via edges. The command operates in line or Bezier modes. In the line mode the from/to parameters are used to define the start and end of an n-dimensional line segment, for example:

RF Algorithm Engineer

Location: Moscow, Kiev Ukraine, UK, Grenoble
Silvaco is one of a few providers of highly sophisticated software for electronic circuit simulation. With a growing world-wide presence, we are expanding our operations and have an opening for a full-time position in one of our worldwide offices. The successful candidate will be joining our Spice Simulation team, interacting with a global group of highly skilled professionals.

Parabolic Grading of a PHEMT Channel Composition for Ultra-High and Broad OIP3 Peak

We detect a local maximum in the design space of a pseudomorphic-channel high electron mobility transistor (PHEMT). The design has an OIP3  linearity figure-of-merit that is 10-15 dBm above the baseline for a similar 1 mm width control device, and is achieved at a gate bias on the order of 100 mA/mm or less, where the ratio of transconductance to the bias current gm1/ID is particularly large (7 volt-1).

Accelerating Wireless IOT SoC Implementation with Silvaco AMBA® Subsystem IP

January 28, 2021 | 10:00 am – 10:30 am (PST)
In this webinar you will learn how Rafael Microelectronics has deployed Silvaco’s AMBA subsystem in their latest IOT design. Rafael Microelectronics develops high frequency broadband RF IC designs and narrow band IOT IP and devices. Rafael recently created a new wireless IOT SoC employing Rafael’s Bluetooth/Zigbee/Sub-GHz RF IP, leveraging Silvaco’s ABMA subsystem IP.